Alejandro Guijarro is an artist based in London and Madrid who works primarily in photography. He graduated from
the Royal College of Art in 2010 with a MA in fine art.

His work examines spatial relations in photographic representation, exploring what photography is still allowed and
able to do. He makes contradictory and paradoxical images, where the boundaries of the photographic image break
down. The images imply a tension that goes back and forth between what can be seen and what can be understood, creating a simultaneous sense of appearance and disappearance. By undermining our recognizable modes of
perception, he questions the solidity and the authority of the photographic image and its ability to refer to reality
and to truth.

2008-2010 MFA Photography, Royal College of Art, London
2001-2004 BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Escuela de Arte N10, Madrid

Solo Exhibitions
"Remnants", Galerie Huit. Hong Kong. Curated by Monica Chung.
"LEAD", Tristan Hoare Gallery, London.
"Momentum" Marlborough Gallery, PHotoEspaña15, Festival off, Madrid
Festival IMAGES, Espace Quai n°1, Vevey, Switzerland
"Momentum", Tristan Hoare Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
Transmission, Galerie Huit. Hong Kong. Curated by Monica Chung.
Strange Worlds, Albert van Abbehuis, Eindhoven, NL
Noorderlicht Photofestival 2017. NUCLEUS, Imaging Science. Groningen, NL
Insights: New Approaches to Photography since 2000. PHOTOFAIRS San Francisco. Curated by Alexander Montague-Sparey
New Order: British Art Today, Saatchi Gallery, London
Blackboard - Art from teaching / learning from art, Artipelag Konsthall, Stockholm
Photography 2.0. PHotoEspaña14, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid. Curated by Joan Fontcuberta
Marcelle Joseph Projects, Ascot
The Uncertainty Principle, The Goma Gallery, Madrid
"Momentum", Gertrud, The Contemporary Collector's Club, NY
"Momentum", Google NYC Headquarters, NY
"Drift", Blockwork Art., Lumen URC, London.
Stitch, Art for the earth, The Diary Gallery, London
Unpublished, 1st December, Le Dictateur Gallery, Milan
Broad Daylight, Fumi Gallery, London
Exploration and Intervention, New Landscape Photography, George & Jørgen Fine Art, London
The Uneasy Landscape, Fold Gallery, London
London Loves, Vitrine Gallery, London
Albion Show, Show Two RCA, London
RCA Show. Gulbenkian Gallery. London
Christie's Paris. Arsep-Christie's. Paris
Royal College of Art. Gulbenkian Gallery, London
Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London
ITS SIX (International Talent Support), Trieste

Saatchi Gallery
The Frank Suss Collection
The Goetz Collection
The Davis Museum

Awards & Grants
2015 Prix Pictet (Nomination)
2013 PHotoEspaña13. Descubrimientos. Finalist. Spain
2011 Festival international de Mode et de Photographie à Hyères, Shortlisted, France
2010 E-Creative Award, Finalist, London
2009 Man Photography Prize, Finalist, London
2009 The Royal College of Art Bursary, London
2009 The Villiers David Travel Award, London
2007 ITS SIX(International Talent Support), Finalist, Italy

2017 LEAD, Exhibition Catalogue. Text by Francis Hodgson
2016 Momentum Series. Cafe Royal Books. Text by Francis Hodgson
2014 Post-Photography: The artist with the camera. (Elephant Book) edited by Robert shore
2014 Blackboard - Art from teaching / learning from art, Artipelag Konsthall, Exhibition Catalogue
2014 New Order: British Art Today, Saatchi Gallery, Exhibition Catalogue
2013 British Journal of Photography, October Issue
2013 The Guardian. My best photograph
2012 Momentum Artist's book
2011 Stitch, Art for the earth, Exhibition Catalogue
2011 Unpublished Mag. 3rd Issue
2010 Ruby Mag- 49 Issue
2010 Broad Daylight, Artist’s book
2010 Picking Up, Bouncing Back. text by Alexander Garcia Duttmann & Jean Luc-Nancy. RCA Photography
2010 Tar-ART Magazine. Spring Issue (Projects)
2009 Christie's Paris. Arsep-Christie's, Exhibition Catalogue
2007 ITS SIX(International Talent Support) Catalogue